Sandes App Download Latest Version APK for Android & iOS

Sandes App Download Latest Version, How to Download Sandesh APK File for Android & iOS. Where to find Sandes APK Download link and How to setup Sandes App (Government Instant Messaging System – GIMS)

Sandes App Download: Quick Info

APP NAME#Sandes (Government Instant Messaging System)
REQUIRED OSAndroid 5.0 and above
BENEFITSIndia’s first WhatsApp alternative App
iOS LINKClick Here (62 MB)
THIS ARTICLESandes App Download Latest Version APK for Android & iOS

All about Sandes APP that you need to know

After nearly 4 years, finally, the Indian-made instant messaging application is going to be launched in the market. This one is going to be one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp. This instant messaging application is in the news since it was first announced to be launched 4 years back. So, let’s find out the Sandes App Features and check whether it is really better than WhatsApp or not.

The nationwide lockdown in 2020 has taught us a lot of lessons. It taught us how to survive, it taught us how to become one when the nation needs. And it also taught us a completely new way of studying and working.

Sandes App Download APK
Sandes App Download

After a year, still, now the schools are not open completely. And a lot of people are still working from home. These all became possible only because of some of the services which allowed us to get connected globally even by staying at home.

Sandesh Messaging App is also a service that will allow you to stay connected to everyone but with additional security.

What is Sandesh Application?

Sandes application is a Made in India app which is launched by National Informatics Centre. This platform can be used for all kinds of online communication like messaging, online calling, video conferencing, and all others. You can Download Sandesh App on your Android and subscribe to it through your email id or mobile number.

During the lockdown period due to Covid-19, we all experienced the new era of online communication. From school to private tuition and from Official work to many other works all became online.

Students stopped going to school and started attending online classes. Billions of office goers started to work online from home. Thus, there was an instant hike in the usage of the services like Video Calling, conferencing, and others. And you all may have heard that Zoom became very popular during this period.

But along with the great services of these applications, we were also a bit worried about the security of our data. We may have heard several stories of how millions of Google Mail ids got hacked or the details of Facebook account got leaked. With the increasing dependency on these social media applications, the companies are more focused on adding attractive and additional services instead of the security of these services.

Thus, it became more important to have some completely secured application especially for the government employees where the information is directly related to the security of the country.
You may remember a few years ago when government officials instructed not to use the Zoom applications due to a security breach. And after that many such instances came to the notice about the security breach of social media accounts. Some said that this news are fake and some believed it. But unless there is a fire, there can’t be smoke. So, it is better to take precautionary measures than to risk privacy. So go for the Sandes APK Download Latest Version and check out how interesting and different this app is from other messaging services available in the market.

We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in the world. However, from time to time, there have been many instances that showed how vulnerable these applications are. Sandes App Download will ensure the complete security of your private data and information.

Difference between Sandes and WhatsApp

The major obstacle for Sandes app will be WhatsApp. Billions of people in India use this application and it has become a part of our daily life. Over that, recently WhatsApp even launched an online payment service. This got integrated with the application.

Along with Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in our daily life. Thus, it will be very challenging to replace the WhatsApp service from the market. But with the drive of Make in India, many people will give a thought to try out the new Indian-made instant messaging application.

We all know, with the increased use of Facebook and WhatsApp, billions of money as the profit are going out of the country. So, switching to an Indian application will definitely be a boost to our economy.

In the beginning, if at least 20 to 25% of the WhatsApp user in India goes for Sandesh APK Download, then it will be a great boost for the makers. The NIC knows that their application has to compete with giants like WhatsApp, thus they have ensured to cover all the existing basic services that you are enjoying in WhatsApp.

  • Back Up: – The interface of Sandesh is similar to the many other apps currently available in the market, however, there is no service yet to transfer the chat histories. You can back up your chats of this Government App to your email id and can sign up through your government email id or phone number.
  • Signing Up: – You can sign in two different ways. If you have a government-issued email id, then you can sign up with that. Or else, you can use your mobile number for login.
  • Different Account: – Using different accounts in the same phone is not possible in this application. As mentioned above, the main purpose of this application was to give complete security to the users, thus, you may miss this facility.
  • Security: – Even being made with the same interface that most of the messaging service is using, special attention has been given to data security. There are additional features in this app that allows you to send a message with the command not to forward it to any other.

The only major limitation of this application is that it doesn’t allow you to use multiple accounts in the same device. However, you can re-install the application and signup with a different account. But this process is a bit lengthy.

Other than this, till now there have been no other drawbacks found which may restrict you to go for the Sandesh App Download.

What are the Sandes App Features?

At the time of the launching of this project, NIC knew that they have to compete with the big giants in the market which has already become a part of everybody’s life. Thus they have to ensure that all the features and benefits of these applications are similar or better than the existing ones.

So, along with some existing ones and a few tiny changes, this application is ready to enter our life. So, to get the best out of this Made in India messaging application, go for the Sandesh APK Download now and experience the service with the new-age security.

Below are the Sandes App Features: –

  • Voice and Video Calls: – With this application, you can make unlimited voice or video calls with your mobile data or Wifi
  • Sharing: – You can easily share files like images, pdf, and others along with Audio or Video and contact through this app. However, there will be a restriction in the size of the file transfer.
  • Group Chatting: – Create a group of your friends and colleagues and get connected to all of them instantly in a single place.
  • Indicators: – Get all kinds of update of the status of your message sent like Sent, Received, Read and others.
  • Security: – This is the most important feature of this application which makes it different from others. Other messaging platforms have focussed more on designing and attractive offers, but this application is made with the purpose of securing your data.
  • Finger Print Security: – You can add fingerprint security with this application so that no one other than you can open this on the phone.
  • Others: – Along with these, there are many other features in this application like Dark Mode Support, Emoji’s, and others

Sandes APK Download Link (Latest Version)

This application is not available in Play Store for downloading. You need to visit the government website to download the application on your Android or Apple iOS phone.

Download link for Android Mobile
Compatible on Android Version 5.0 or above.

Sandes App Download Link for iOS
Compatible on iOS Version 11 or above.

How to Setup Sandes App?

The process is very simple and explained as below: –

  • Visit this website: –
  • You will be given two options to download, 1 for Android and the for iOS
  • Click on the relevant model. For Android, you need to have Android Version 5 and above.
  • After selecting the option, the Sandes IOS App Download or Android app will begin.
  • Now open the APK file and install the application on your handset.

Registration Process & Steps in Sandes App

After the application is downloaded, you need to register for the service. The process is very similar to the existing messaging applications. Follow the below steps for registration: –

  1. After downloading the application, you can register either through your mobile number or email id.
  2. Select the country code and put your mobile number or your email id. Then give the OTP.
  3. After that put the basic details like your Name, Gender, Address, and others.
  4. Allow the app with the necessary permissions.
  5. You will be prompted to sync your contact details.

You can even use this application if you are outside India. Just select the country code as +91 and give your Indian number. You will get an OTP and follow the same registration process as above.

Update the Profile

Like all the other applications, you can also create your profile and update it whenever you want with the Sandesh App. Below is the process for the same: –

  • Go to the settings ad select your profile picture.
  • Tap on the “Edit Profile” option and select “Choose Profile Photo”
  • You can select any photo from your gallery or click a new one.
  • You can even crop the size of the photo the fit the frame of the application.

Types of Users in Sandesh Messaging App

There are two types of users available in this application. One is a Verified User and the other is a Public User.

The verified users are the profiles created by the government employees by giving their required credentials like the government email id and others. Their profile is verified by the respective government organisation.

The Public Users are the profile which are not verified. Verified users will get a symbol of Blue Tick in their profile.

Why to Install Sandes App?

No one can suggest or force you to decide what kind of messaging service you should use. Usually, we all are using the apps which are been used by our family and friends. Thus, once the application gets popular you can switch to this one.

However, there are many reasons for which you can switch to this application instantly like:-

  • Indian App: – As we want our country economy to grow, by just using this application, we can contribute a lot to the country. All the other applications which has got a major share in the Indian market are earning profits and millions of dollars are going out of India.

So, just with a simple step of using this app and promoting this will be a great contribution towards the country.

  • Security: – Unlike other applications, the foremost priority of this application was the security of our personal information and data. Thus, you can completely trust this application.
  • Same as others: – All the features of this application is almost similar to others. So, you don’t have to compromise with any of the services.

We all talk about the frequent cybercrimes and the economy of our country. Sandes App Download gives you the opportunity to cater to both these two points. Thus, you are killing two birds with a single arrow.

You don’t have to do hard things to contribute to your motherland. Simple and small steps of billions of people in India can lead to a huge change in our country. Sandesh app not only provides you with additional security of your data, but also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the economy.

Final words

This application has all the required features to become a top messaging application globally. Yes, it will take some time, but soon India will be competition with the world’s leading companies.